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Camp Goods, we've put in some new products that will be sure to please the serious trekker, gourd canteens, cutlery, a smaller cooking grate... stop by and look!

KnivesWe've put out some more knives to our list, both in the trade knife section and the Green River blanks, so stop by and check 'em out.

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buckles_04.gif (14449 bytes) Buckles!  We've added more buckles to the already long list. Quality made, reasonable price.
Hand Forged Padlocks! We have found a source for reasonably priced period padlocks. These are HEAVY, and I mean HEAVY, hand forged locks. Come take a look... they are in the Camp Gear section. lock02_a.jpg (12617 bytes)

Clothing!  We've added hats to this section. Check it out! Texas straw hats and your basic wool felt hats that can be shaped anyway you want 'em to be!

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Tinware!  Check out our tinware page for the camp!! Lots of tin, some copper too! We'll be adding more soon.

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