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The selection of OCTOBER COUNTRY BAGS pictured are made from 5oz. oil-tan top-grain cowhide. All seams are sewn with nylon thread for strength and durability. These bags are sewn to be worn on the left hip with the lacing or buckle in the back. Right hip bags are available upon request.



A small belt bag, perfect for the person who wants to carry only the bare necessities. Ideal for personal effects, strike-a-light kits or other essentials. Bag has 1 1/4" gusset and no extra pockets. 4" x 6" & will fit a 2 1/2" belt.
$40.00 Quantity  

This 8"x7" belt bag is spacious enough to contain all the necessary supplies needed in the field or the woods. It has an inside hanging pocket and a full width front pocket. Fits belts up to 3" wide.
$53.50 Quantity       

A deluxe bag for the discriminating SHOTGUNNER. Inside are two large pockets for wads & cards. This 8" x 11" bag is 3" deep and spacious enough to carry a full compliment of supplies. It has a 2" wide strap that is attached to the bag with brass buckles and is reversible for right or left handed wear. Built onto the strap is a shot snake with an Irish-style shot charger. The bag comes complete with game carriers and thongs. Also available w/o the shot snake.
With charger $230.00 Quantity       

W/O charger $ Quantity        NLA

This is the largest bag they make, 8 1/2"x 11 1/2" and 3" wide. The 3 ply flap is the outstanding part of this bag. The top layer has 2 filigree cutouts on the side and either a WEEPING HEART or STAR piercing in the center. The center layer is 100% RED virgin wool trade cloth. There is a full length divider in the back section of the bag. A pocket with 2 loops is sewn onto the divider. The bag is carried with a 1 3/4" wide adjustable strap.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This bag has a generous amount of room for your essentials. It is a full 7" x 9" with a 1 1/4" gusset and a 1 1/4" lace adjustable strap. There is an inside pocket with 2 loops, one for a short starter, the other for your powder measure. The flap is cut with the Tannery Edge for a rustic look.
$ Quantity    E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This bag features a flap and front pocket cut from the rough edge of the hide or a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look. The bag is 9" x 10" with a 2" gusset. It has a hanging pocket inside and a full sized pocket on the front for ample storage space. Excellent choice for a DELUXE primitive bag.
$ Quantity    E-MAIL FOR PRICING

Sometimes called a “Butterfly: bag, this double pocket, beavertail flap bag is a classic early Eastern style design. Two 8" x 7" pockets keep your “possibles” separated from your shooting supplies. The pockets feature half gussets for increased capacity. Stress points are reinforced with hidden rivets. There is one small pocket sewn into the inner compartment. The 1 1/4" strap is adjusted with a Conway buckle.
$ Quantity       E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This 5" x 8" bag has a 3" round bottom gusset, one inside pocket and three, 3/4" loops sewn to the inside pocket. Distinctive scalloped edges and a pewter button and lace closure add to the great looks of this NEW bag. The 1 1/4" strap is attached to the bag by two 1 1/2" brass rings. The strap has a Brass buckle for adjustment. A great bag for the line shooter or in the field.
$ Quantity       NLA

A standard in black powder accouterments. This bag measures 7" x 9" with a 2" gusset. The strap is lace adjustable and 2" wide, makes for better weight distribution. The bag has a hanging pocket with loops on the inside and a full width pocket on the front. It has a distinctive pewter button and lace closure and an extra thong. This is an excellent bag for the shooter on the line or in the field.
$Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

A traditional shot pouch that holds about 3# of shot for extended shooting in the field. Solid brass hardware compliment the deep rich brown leather. All seams are double stitched for strength. An Irish style shot charger is featured. The 11/4" shoulder strap is adjustable with a brass Conway buckle.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This their best selling custom-style bag. It features a 2 layer top-stitched flap with an OVAL cutout. The cutout is backed with a piece of WHITE rough-out leather that gives the appearance of brain tan leather. The Conway buckle adjusted 1 1/4" strap is sewn onto 2 solid brass rings which keep the bag flat and comfortable against the hip. This kidney shaped bag is 7 1/2"x 8-9 1/2" and has an inside pocket and a 1 1/2" gusset.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This a striking bag. The double flap is pierced with a distinctive "CROSS of LORRAINE", a very old symbol of the early fur trade. The bag has a 1 1/4" Conway buckle adjustable strap. This 2 compartment 7" x 8" bag has a small pocket sewn to the inside divider. It also features a half gusset for increasing capacity while at the same time maintaining a slim graceful profile.

This versatile bag is loaded with features which make it ideal for either shotgun or rifle. Inside the 3" wide,7" x 9" bag are three compartments , plus a small pocket. The dividers are stepped in height for ease of use. The 2" shoulder strap is lace adjusted, the flap is secured with the O.C. pewter button and lace.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This 9" x 10" bag has many extra pockets and a 3" gusset. The front and back outside pockets are complimented by a hanging pocket with loops and a crescent pocket on the inside . The TRAVELER will carry enough supplies for extended periods in the field .Ideal for the hunter, trapper, shooter or traveler.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

Inspired by the "timed shooting match" of the same name, this bag is for the contestant or hunter who wants their pouch held securely to their hip. There is an integral belt loop built into the back of the bag. Otherwise, the bag is the same as the TRAVELER. The SENECA does have a smaller flap which is secured with a pewter button and lace
$ Quantity       E-MAIL FOR PRICING

This is the perfect medium size bag. The classic styling of BEAVERTAIL flap makes this Eastern type bag a favorite of muzzleloaders all over he country. This bag is 7" x 9" with a 2" gusset, a lace adjustable strap, full width pocket on the front, and a hanging pocket with loops, inside.
$ Quantity        E-MAIL FOR PRICING

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The small bags have 1 1/4" gussets and are smaller in size. All small bags feature a 1 1/4", LACE adjusted, shoulder strap. Extra lace and leather scraps are provided, as with all OCTOBER COUNTRY BAGS.

This is a favorite of TRADE GUN shooters because of its very early styling. The Canadian is slightly smaller than our other bag designs, but still has enough for all of your basic shooting accessories. It features a scalloped welt for a very distinctive look. A very useful inside pocket is also included. The bag has a 1 1/4" gusset and is 7" x 8" in size.

This an efficient, low cost bag for the organized shooter. It measures 7" x 7 1/2" giving you plenty of room for all the basics. The OLDE STYLE features a classic BEAVER TAIL flap, a 1 1/4" half gusset for increased capacity, and an inside pocket. Adjustable 1 1/4" strap is laced for you.
$57.00 Quantity       

Also available in BLACK;
$57.00 Quantity       

This bag is the only KIT offered by OCTOBER COUNTRY. Based upon the Freetrapper bag, this KIT contains everything you need to build a beautiful, functional shooting bag. It includes thread, 2 needles, pre-cut parts and complete instructions. The bag is a full 7" x 9" with a 2" gusset and a 1 1/4" strap. A brass Conway buckle is included. There is an inside pocket. The front flap is cut with the Tannery edge for that distinctive look.
$50.00 Quantity       

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Made of deerskin and wood, these bags with their wooden spout will dispense round balls up to .54 cal. Also could be used as a tobacco poke.
$14.00 Quantity       

Round flap, this 7" x 8" bag, with an inside pocket, is a very economical bag to use. Made of high quality oil-tanned leather.
$30.00 Quantity       

High quality oil-tanned leather, inside pocket, heavy leather for durability. Has the popular beaver tail flap.
$35.00 Quantity       

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