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Mountain Top Trading now brings you an excellent selection of tents for your camp needs.  The Red Hawk line is well built and affordable, they take a great deal of pride in their products. Red Hawk has been involved in the manufacturing of tipis and mountain-man-style tents since 1978. 

If you have any questions, or would like to order a tent, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We will be glad to answer your questions or give you a quote on freight rates to your address. If you e-mail us, please include your tent of choice, any options, and your ZIP CODE.


Please call or E-Mail for current prices


As always, Visa and MasterCard are welcome.

The Tipi: The complete Tipi package includes: Cover with storage bag, liner with storage bag, door with storage bag, all ropes, marbles, and tie downs, lacing pins, center stakes, and perimeter stakes, all in a storage bag. Tipi does not include poles. tipi01.gif (36254 bytes)
Wall Tent:  The Wall Tent has been around for centuries in different variations and sizes. The side walls are 5' tall with a ridge of 8' or 8 1/2' tall, depending on the width of the tent. It has a 12" wear strip along the ridge, reinforced stake loops, and a 12" sod cloth on three walls. The sides are reinforced with 3/4" webbing where the ties are sewn on. The door has a 12" overlap with double ties. Price includes a storage bag. An excellent tent for rendezvous, hunting camps, and special events.  Does not come with poles.   wall01.gif (10375 bytes)
Wedge Tent: This tent was very popular during the late 1700s through the 1800s.   It is very simple to put up and requires two upright poles and one ridge pole. The base of the tent is reinforced with 3/4" cotton webbing with heavy stake loops. It has a 12" sod cloth, overlapping door flaps, and a 12" wear strip for the ridge pole. We recommend the front door/ back door design, so you can open it up to be a lean-to or just to let a little air in on those hot summer days.  Poles not included. wedge01.gif (12941 bytes)
Pyramid Tent or Trapper tent: This tent is designed after the Range Tipi.   It reached its height of popularity in the early 1850s.  There is some evidence that this style of tent was used as early as 1820.  This tent is very fast to set up. It needs only two lightweight poles or a single pole in the center. The Trapper/Pyramid has reinforced stake loops and a 12" sod cloth. The top of the tent is reinforced with a double thick patch sewn in. The door is sewn on. Pole or poles not included. pyrimid01.gif (10817 bytes)
Baker Tent:  This is a popular tent among the traders of today. The front is 6 1/2' high and the back is 3' high. It has an awning that can be opened or closed. Privacy curtains are sewn on the sides so the tent can be closed while the awning is up. They can also be extended out in front to increase the size of the tent. It has reinforced stake loops and a 12" sod cloth. Heavy duty ties are used on the top and reinforced with 3/4" webbing on the inside on the tent. Price includes storage bag.  Poles not included.   baker01.gif (6223 bytes)
Dining Fly & Storage Tents:  Dining flys make a great addition to any camp, especially for the folks who like to cook outside. The flys are constructed with a 12" wear strip down the center for the ridge pole. 3/4" webbing around the edges for added strength for either heavy loops or grommets to hold the uprights in place. Custom sizes available. The dining fly with walls is one of the most popular items we sell. We've also got a new item called "storage tents". Take a look and see what you think. Very nice outfits, good for traders as well. Poles not included.   dining_fly01.gif (13303 bytes)
Diamond Shelter: The diamond shelter is about the most versatile piece of canvas one could have in camp.  The only limit to the number of ways it can be pitched is your own imagination.  Double ties are sewn on every 24" with heavy loops in the corners and in the middle of the sides.  A double thick reinforced patch with a double ties and a loop is sewn on in the center of the shelter for hanging purposes.   3/4" webbing goes around the perimeter.  diamond01.gif (12254 bytes)
Marquee: The Marquee Tent can be traced back as early as the 14th century, although very few ever made it to the rendezvous. The walls on this tent are 7' tall and are removable.  The walls also have overlapping corners and reinforced stake loops.   The roof has a 12" double flap that goes over the walls.  The walls are held up with snap hooks and D-rings. It has a 12" reinforced wear strip in the ridge.   Price includes a storage bag.  Does not come with poles. marquee01.gif (12888 bytes)
Modified Pyramid Tent:  This tent uses the very same front and back as the regular pyramid tent, except we insert a strip of canvas between the front and back now making it considerably larger. For Example: a 12 ft. x 12 ft. with a 6 ft. insert now becomes 12 ft. wide x 18 ft. long. These tents are constructed with the same high quality as the rest of our tents. It has a 12" wear strip along the ridge. Ties help hold the ridge pole in place while pitching the tent. A 12" sod cloth is placed on ALL sides of the tent with heavy duty reinforced stake loops. This tent cannot be hung like a regular pyramid, it needs a ridge pole the length of the insert. You can use either one or two upright poles when pitching this tent. Poles not included. ModPyramid01.gif (12073 bytes)
The Queen's Bluff Tent: This tent is basically a diamond shelter with front flaps and a partial floor. More versatile than the diamond shelter, with added privacy and shelter from the odd errant winds and rains of misfortune. wpe9.jpg (5426 bytes)
Tent Accessories:  Stake kits, stake pullers, stoves, stove pipes, etc.

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