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RedHawk Diamond Shelter

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Email us at or call 509-397-4447 to order

Hi, the Webmaster here.  The diamond is my personal favorite, as I can roll my blankets up in it, throw it on a horse, or in a canoe, or on my back, and be off with a minimum of fuss.  Often, I just roll it around my blankets and sleep in it.  My 10x10 diamond, made of Sunforger® treated canvas, has been used in the dead of winter, the heat of summer, and in all conditions wet and dry.  This simple piece of canvas is truly an adaptable and functional piece of equipment.


Canvas Type

10 x 10 12 oz natural $98
Sunforger $116
12 x 12 12 oz natural $114
Sunforger $163
14 x 14 12 oz natural $150
Sunforger $220
15 x 15 12 oz natural $163
Sunforger $256
16 x 16 12 oz natural $184
Sunforger $288
Storage bag included
Stake kits & rope available
Price does not include poles.

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